Critiquing Comics #102: “Yiffing in Hell”

Yiffing in Hell

Yiffing in Hell: Episode I – Secret Reunion in Carfax Lodge is a graphic novel by Mexican artist Geladaa. The slogan “A book you will know less about after putting it down than before picking it up” sets off some pretty major alarm bells, but Tim and Mulele forge ahead to investigate.

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8 thoughts on “Critiquing Comics #102: “Yiffing in Hell””

  1. I’m surprised that you guys didn’t immediately know there was going to be animal on animal action in there. I could immediately tell from the art style.

  2. Guys, you should have googled “yiffing” before you read the comic. Your expectations would probably have been much more in line with the content.

  3. Gotcha. Just googled it. I guess it struck me as not a real word and didn’t dawn on me to look into it. That comic seems to have been for a very specific audience!

  4. Hi! I appreciate you taking the time to talk about my book and all. The idea I was chasing was to replicate the feeling I had when discovering strange European and Japanese comics as a kid, you know, you come face to face with this alien thing, from an alien place, in a different language, a different sense of morality. Picture being a kid and coming across “Akira” late at night with no subtitles. It´s not about going “tee hee” and mocking the reader, but rather making sure there are big juicy things to reward someone that approaches the work in an active way, like you would say, an artifact from a lost civilization or something. Since the big theme of the book is language and deconstruction, I thought you would like it, I guess you didn´t BUT I have to say If I was a kid and I heard this review it would want to get it SO BAD lol, different strokes as they say.

  5. I have a couple more books this time printed and all, I´ll send the second one to you so you can trash that one as well lol. In all seriousness I apreciate you taking the time to look at it and all. And you know what they say about there not being such a thing as bad publicity etc.

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