#165 Mo Willems’ Dirty Little Secret

2/2/09 Mo Willems’ Dirty Little Secret

PigeonChildren’s book writer Mo Willems has been found out: he’s actually a comics creator! He talks to Tim about the state of American comics for kids, the effect of his animation background on his approach to creating books, and… just why does that pigeon want to drive a bus, anyway?!

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Resident of Japan since 1989, creator of "The Crazing Spider-Hag"

3 thoughts on “#165 Mo Willems’ Dirty Little Secret”

  1. Mo, we love you! My kids roar with laughter over your books, and I give them as gifts whenever I can. Just know we love you and think the Pigeon is awesome….can’t wait to read anything else you write-H

  2. Mo! I didn’t even know you were responsible for Sheep, but I loved it when it was on. I worked in a Child Care Center, and me and the kids both really love the Pigeon books.

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