#342 “Bloom County”: The Reagan era, illustrated!

Bloom CountyWhen you think of ’80s comics, Berke Breathed’s Bloom County is one that belongs in the pantheon with Watchmen and Dark Knight. It pushed many boundaries on the ever-conservative funnies page, from modern dating to issue advocacy, balancing cumudgeonliness with exuberance and hope. But how much of a hurdle are the pop culture references for modern readers? Is it still worth reading? Tim and Patrik dust off their memories and try to look at this classic strip with new eyes.

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3 thoughts on “#342 “Bloom County”: The Reagan era, illustrated!”

  1. Great podcast, guys. One suggestion: On the web site, can you make the top banner link back to the home page? It’s a little more intuitive. 🙂

  2. And I forgot to put my thoughts on Bloom County in here, as I intended. I always enjoyed Bloom County, even as a kid when I couldn’t understand all the political stuff. It reminds me a little of Krazy Kat, how Berke Breathed would just throw in stuff from left field. 🙂

  3. I want it to link to the home page, but it’s placed in there really weird in WordPress, as part of the background. Don’t believe there’s any way to make it a link…

    Glad you enjoyed the episode!

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