Boy, it’s been a looonnng time since I did one of these! Some of these links are so old since I first bookmarked them, they might already be dead by now.

And, as usual, these are mostly all cribbed from Comics Alliance, Bully, and the Comics Reporter…


Art / Stuff To Look At:

Krazy Kat —

Underground covers —

Kirby animation designs —

Comic creator trading cards —

An amazing, but sad photo —

A tribute to one of my favorite artists, Jorge Zaffino —

Marwencol: realistic war re-enactments using dolls  —


Hilarious Old Stuff:


Laughing at Comics’ Expense:

Alan Moore parody —

Obama looking at awesome things —

DC hates cats —

Stan Lee’s 3-second TCJ interview:

Home-made Marvel street heroes RPG (the word shit is used a LOT) —

Nosebleeds in comics — (1) (2)

Disturbing Vertigo submission letter —

Charles Burns’s Black Hole, for real! —

Battle of the Stereotypes —



Rise of Arsenal 3 —

Recent Avengers comics —

Liefeld’s X-Force —

Bushwick Book Club revies Dark Knight Returns —


In-Depth Analysis:

Cause and effect in the same panel —

Jack Cole’s career —


Manga & Anime Related:

Voltron girl —

Gundam drawn in Excel —

Manga Farming —
Astronaut cosplay —
Manga-related political corruption in Japan —

Fist of the North star video game —


Not Remotely Related to Comics:

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer —

Claymation Evil Dead in 60 seconds —

Chainsaw Maid —


The Greatest Comic of All Time: