4 thoughts on “#532 Deconstructing “Deconstructing Comics””

  1. I’ve actually always preferred podcasts that have a varying roster of hosts rather than the same few people every time, because hearing the same few people talking to one another tends to get quite repetitive and boring for me.

    I also do think that your personalities come across in the podcast even if you see yourselves as keeping it “strictly business.” Obviously, I don’t know you, but listening to this podcast does NOT feel like listening to strangers.

    Finally, my favourite podcasts do tend to be the ones that have a consistent structure, or a consistent approach to the subject matter. But those same podcasts also update fairly irregularly, so I suppose they do require more time and effort than something more variable and free-form.

  2. Hello tim,

    i’ve always liked this podcast for the variety of the subjects. I don’t listen to it weekly but i enjoy perusing the archives from time to time and listening to the episodes that have a particular interest to me. You offer different subjects than most other comics podcasts. It’s not nostalgia or fandom, there a scholarly approach i really like. You’ve introduced me to a lot of stuff i would never come accross in my own neck of the woods (Belgium).

    I also enjoy your critical reviews. They seem to be unclouded by fandom and in depth enough to get a taste of the reviewed comic or creator. In a way i think i wouldn’t mind it if the podcast turned into a comics review, if you would be able to offer up a truly diverse selection of comics material; manga, comics, graphic novels,… maybe even European comics. I think for most of us comic lovers language barriers limit our knowledge of different scenes of comic creators. For example although they are right next door i wouldn’t know what the german comicsscene is like. You’re perfectly placed to serve as a guide to asian output. A review of world output would be something of a fantasy.

    Well that’s my two cents.

    Thanks for all the great stuff.


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