Can podcasting be a career option?


PatreonI’m planning to make some changes in my employment situation this spring. It would be great if I could start to move podcasting from “hobby” status and make it part of the “employment” picture!
My options for doing that are limited, though, so I’m trying to make a go of it with Patreon. This is a form of crowdfunding where supporters pledge a set sum as a monthly donation.
I’m currently doing four podcasts (all available via iTunes and other outlets):

* Deconstructing Comics
* Critiquing Comics (twice a month)
* To the Batpoles! (1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays)
* Machigai Podcast (English study for Japanese)

I enjoy doing them, but I have bigger aspirations for them that I can’t fulfill when I’m doing other things to pay the bills.
Your support now, as I’m making employment decisions for this spring, would be especially appreciated. Pledge here. Thanks.


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