#099 Burning Questions

Spidey baseballShould comics and prose be shelved together? Are celebrity writers who do comics pleasuring anyone but themselves? How is being a Spidey fan like being a Cubs fan? Mulele and Tim discuss these questions and much more…

Word Balloon: Future of Graphic Literature

CBR: Diamond requires UPC

More on the barcode requirement

#078 Collaborations vs. Drawing and Writing Your Own Comic

Weird Crime TheaterCollaborating on a comic: What are the pros and cons? Would you rather do the whole thing yourself? Mulele’s done both, and tells Tim how it’s gone for him. Plus, a little discussion of Watchmen (very little)!

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#075 “Y: The Last Man” vol. 2

Y: The Last Man vol 2Good and bad on Y: The Last Man vol. 2: Cycles, and a digression on coincidences in Star Wars. But first, Brandon has an announcement…

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