#479 Some of the greatest Superman stories (or not)

Death of Superman

There’s no doubt that Superman is one of the most significant characters in the history of American comics. He ended up setting the template for what would be the dominant genre in American comics after the Comics Code came into effect. Of course, the types of stories told in those comics, and their tone, has varied wildly over the years, which makes it difficult to try to determine which stories are the best of the lot, but naturally people make the attempt, including DC Comics itself.

This week Kumar and Tim look at the 1980s collection “The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told”, as well as Alan Moore’s “Whatever Happened To the Man of Tomorrow”, which is currently being published in a collection with two other Moore Superman stories. Are these actually the greatest Superman stories?

Featuring Batman’s superior party prep skills, swimming the interplanetary water spout, and the symbolism of the ads in the original printing of “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”! *Choke*

#478 We ask Question No. 6!

Question No 6

Inspired by the ’60s and a variety of British TV shows of a geeky variety (including The Prisoner), Japanese artist Question No. 6 is turning heads with her Dr. Who variant covers, and her drawings and articles on UK shows for Japan’s AXN cable network. This week Tim catches up with her to discuss her comic Cupcake and Astronaut, the reasons many Japanese creators use pen names, her plans for exhibiting and drawing in 2016, and more.

#477 Craig Thompson reaches for the stars

Space Dumplins

If you read Craig Thompson‘s Blankets and Habibi, you probably weren’t expecting his next book to be an all-ages space comedy with poop jokes — but that’s what Space Dumplins is — along with a message on the environment and class, and a good helping of inside jokes! This week Craig is here to tell us how this work came about, as well as his approach to writing for kids, working with colorist Dave Stewart, what bums him out about the Muppets, and the changing definition of “mainstream comics.”

Critiquing Comics #082: Life in Japan

Life in JapanThis time, a comic about something with which both Tim and Mulele are intimately familiar: Life in Japan! The comic is by Victor Edison, who Tim just talked with at the International Comics Festival a few weeks back. Now we get a closer look at his four-panel daily diary comic…

#476 Ten Years, Eleven Guests

DCP 10th AnniversaryYes, somehow it’s been ten whole years since Tim, Brandon, and Mulele sat down together and recorded the first episode of Deconstructing Comics! Rather than get the gang back together again, this time we present eleven past DCP interviewees all answering the same question: “Name an important development you see happening in comics now, good or bad, and say why you think it’s important.” Tim gets answers to this question from Stephen Bissette, Shaenon Garrity, Dan Jurgens, Chris Bachalo, Natalie Nourigat, and many more! (see entire list below)

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