#344 It’s fun till someone loses an arm

TonerOccasionally our friend Dale Wilson in L.A. sends Mulele some comics he’s come across, and we like to talk about them on the show. This episode’s batch tends to lean violent…including two involuntary arm removals. Mulele and Tim comment on:

#343 “Mauretania”: perplexing, fascinating stuff

MauretaniaIn Chris Reynolds’ “Mauretania” comics, characters bake interesting pies, delight in eerie shops,  join trendy police forces, and report on events they will never remember. Stories drift from point to point like dreams. School starts and a kid on summer vacation somehow doesn’t notice. How can this be real? Real it may be, but it takes intuition, not rational thought, to take anything away from these books. Tim and Kumar ponder Adventures From Mauretania, The Dial and Other Stories, and the graphic novel Mauretania.

And if we haven’t sold you on these books, then read Seth’s fantastic essay on them!

#342 “Bloom County”: The Reagan era, illustrated!

Bloom CountyWhen you think of ’80s comics, Berke Breathed’s Bloom County is one that belongs in the pantheon with Watchmen and Dark Knight. It pushed many boundaries on the ever-conservative funnies page, from modern dating to issue advocacy, balancing cumudgeonliness with exuberance and hope. But how much of a hurdle are the pop culture references for modern readers? Is it still worth reading? Tim and Patrik dust off their memories and try to look at this classic strip with new eyes.

Critiquing Comics #043: “Order”

OrderIf you’re into conspiracy-theory comics, “Order” sounds good on paper: a secret society covering up the existence of a gate to Hell near Denver. Unfortunately, Tim and Mulele find the Truthful Comics take on this concept comes up short. Listen and find out why.