Critiquing Comics #037: “Monarch Monkey”

Monarch Monkey

This week, a collection of cut paper comics, each one better than the last. We critique Monarch Monkey and Other Stories, by Brad DeRocher, Dan Mazur, and Hyun Supul.

Critiquing Comics #036: “The Oswald Chronicles”

Oswald ChroniclesA lushly-drawn, colorful fantasy tale of a powerful mouse. What could possibly go wrong? Well, our recording software, for one thing! Tim and Mulele brave technical difficulties to critique J.D. Calderon’s The Oswald Chronicles.

#338 Everything’s Archie!


It’s been more than 70 years now since the debut of Archie comics, featuring (though not quite from the beginning) America’s favorite love triangle of Archie, Veronica, and Betty. Along with Jughead, Reggie, and the rest of the gang, these characters keep us coming back for more, changing with the times while still presenting an idealized America where drugs, booze, and sex seem not to exist. This week Tim talks with Archie ubercollector (and Coliseum of Comics Back Issue Manager) Jack Copley about what keeps Archie interesting, some of his favorite stories and creators, and “The Archie Room”!

Critiquing Comics #035: “Fashionable Nonsense”

Benji Ratliffe sent us his four-year-old unpublished work Fashionable Nonsense for critique. It’s a somewhat supernatural tale with a Scott Pilgrim tone. He wrote the script and hired an artist. While it does indeed have some problems — with clarity of the story, as well as storytelling and inking — why not put it out anyway? Tim and Mulele extol the virtues of putting your work out, even if you’re not 100% satisfied with it.

Character sheets

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#057 Tokyo Comics Market

Comiket cosplayerFLASHBACK! On December 31, 2006, Tim visited the Tokyo Comic Market event, and gives his impressions. Also: A Mulele update, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and Brandon’s review of the movie Eragon! (Originally published January 8, 2007)

Photos below the jump (complete with admittedly goofy captions written in 2007)…

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