#332 The Rock and the Lock

Goliath and Matt SiladyRemember David and Goliath? (Hint: Bible, 1 Samuel, ch 17!) The original story decidedly takes David’s side, but what’s Goliath’s story? Tom Gauld has recently released a graphic novel called Goliath, told from this alleged villain’s point of view. Tim and Mulele review. (Spoiler alert: Watch out for that rock!)

When we last touched base with Matt Silady, he was teaching at California College of the Arts, in the San Francisco Bay area. Well, he’s recently been involved in developing CCA’s new Master of Fine Arts in Comics, and has been appointed Chair of the program. Tim talks to Matt about developing the program, being locked in a jail cell for your art, and much more.

#331 The End of the Road for “Cul de Sac”

As Richard Thompson’s strip Cul de Sac ends, Tom Spurgeon joins Tim to bid it a fond farewell. We discuss some favorite moments, compare it with other classic strips such as Peanuts, examine what Thompson (and any other relatively new creator of newspaper strips) has been up against as technology and economics team up against print media, and — Hey! Watch out for the UH-OH BABY!!

Critiquing Comics #033: “Minimal Comics”

Minimal ComicsIt’s very simply drawn; sometimes the topics are also simple, perhaps too simple. But other times, the simplicity of the art reveals more complex, nuanced takes on the world around us. We take a look at Minimal Comics and other work by Graeme McNee.

Critiquing Comics #031: “Elbis”

Elbis wingedAs regular listeners well know by now, our own Mulele’s graphic novel “Elbis” came out earlier this year (buy it here, or read online here). We’ve discussed the book’s genesis on several occasions, but not a detailed look of the book’s content. So this episode, Tim and Paul roll up their sleeves and give it a good ol’ fashioned (unbiased?!) critique!

Critiquing Comics #030: The Critiqued Speak!

Grocery store in "Stymie"

Tim and Mulele read mail from creators of comics recently critiqued on the show, as well as a couple of listener comments on Deconstructing Comics #328.

Critiquing Comics #029: Brian Mitchell’s matchbook-sized comics

pow wowBack in April, Tim talked to Brian Mitchell about his matchbook-sized comics. Recently, he sent us some samples, so Tim and Mulele have read through them and are here with their thoughts.

Brian’s site, where you can order his comics