#199 Little Nemo

Repeatedly collected and published since it went into the public domain, Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo is perhaps the most celebrated comic strip of the early 20th century. Peter Maresca, whose Sunday Press republished all the Nemo strips at their original size a few years back, talks with Tim about what’s good and bad about the strip, and the influence it still has on modern comics.

#100 Phil Dunlap

11/5/07 Phil Dunlap

FLASHBACK! With the 200th episode around the corner, a look back at the 100th episode! Tim interviews Phil Dunlap, creator of the syndicated comic strip Ink Pen: How did he get into syndication? What’s his advice for others who would like to do the same? Listen for the answers!

#198 Comics Evangelism

9/21/09 Comics Evangelism

Disney buys Marvel? Yeah, OK. Macintosh owners Tim, Patrik W, and Mulele discuss the Steve Jobs connection — could this lead to X-men on your iPhone?

If someone said, “What are these ‘comics’ of which you speak? I would like to try some,” what would you hand them? Watchmen? Why not? What might be a better choice?

How are Japanese attitudes toward comics different from those of Americans? Patrik has some interesting insights.

Patrik talks about the comics art exhibition he’s organizing. Also, what we’ve been reading.

The Hunter


Order of the Stick

Snake ‘n’ Bacon

#197 Adrian Raeside: From The Other Coast to Antarctica

9/14/09 Adrian Raeside: From The Other Coast to Antarctica

Canadian cartoonist Adrian Raeside is a veteran of editorial cartoons, the comics page (The Other Coast), animation, and children’s books. He talks about all of these and his newest book, Return to Antarctica, in a wide-ranging interview.

#196 Batman Begins…and Ends

9/7/09 Batman Begins…and Ends

Frank Miller produced two of the most influential Batman books ever, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, within a short period in the mid-’80s. The stories present the end and beginning of Batman’s career, respectively. Tim and Kumar talk about what’s good, and in some cases maybe a bit annoying, about both books.