#195 Knights and Pirates

8/31/09 Knights and Pirates

A review of Web comic Dead Heaven by Chris Steininger leads into a discussion of Tim’s pet peeves about Web comics. Tim’s been reading the pirate manga series One Piece, and Mulele recommends a site centering on print design, that could inspire unusual ways to present your comic.

#194 Comics on the screen: Dick Tracy and Sin City

8/24/09 Comics on the screen: Dick Tracy and Sin City

Many comics have been adapted to movies, but few have tried to reproduce the experience of actually reading a comic. These two did: Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy, and Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City. Tim, Mulele, Paul, and newcomer Rod discuss. Also: Paul and Mulele give Miller’s The Spirit a quickie review.

#193 Filling in the Word Balloon

8/17/09 Filling in the Word Balloon

Word BalloonJohn Siuntres was one of the first comics podcasters back in 2005, and he’s been interviewing big names in American comics ever since. Tim chats with him about his background, how he got started with Word Balloon, and the state of mainstream comics.

#192 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

8/10/09 Marvel Geek-out: Alternate Future Edition

Days of Future PastWhether it’s Old Man Logan, Days of Future Past, or Dr. Doom’s recent hallucination of a utopian future, possible futures and alternate time-lines are fun for both creator and reader. Tim and Patrik talk about alternate timelines (is there one where Dark Reign is finally over?), plus un-rebooting books, and the lack of new heroes challenging the old guard for popularity.

#191 Awesomeness in Bolt City

8/3/09 Awesomeness in Bolt City

CopperKazu Kibuishi’s Bolt City Web site is a smorgasbord of awesomeness, featuring the monthly strip Copper, early work Clive Cabbage, first pages of his book Daisy Kutter, and how-tos for working on scanned art in Adobe PhotoShop. Kibuishi is also the editor of a series of anthology comics called Flight. Tim and Mulele review the site and the first volume of Flight.