#022 World building and Joseph Campbell

05/08/06 World building and Joseph Campbell

Heros JourneyFLASHBACK! Tim reads some postings from a comics writers’ e-mail list about building a new world for your characters. One poster recommends reading Joseph Campbell‘s books; another poster can’t stand Joseph Campbell. Brandon, our resident Joseph Campbell expert, critiques that poster’s critiques.

#177 Jason Miller and “Redball 6”

4/27/09 Jason Miller

Redball 6Up-and-coming writer Jason Miller talks about the sci-fi/mystery graphic novels he has written with his brother Ian, to be published by Arcana Comics.

#176 Watching the watchers of Watchmen

4/20/09 Watching the watchers of Watchmen

The ComedianTim and Mulele (and an unexpected special guest!) report from the movie theater before and after seeing Zach Snyder’s “The Watchmen”, then talk on Skype a week later about how a cerebral comic became an action movie, as well as reviewing the reviews of the movie by half a dozen other podcasts!

#083 DWAP Productions

7/9/07 Dale Wilson and DWAP Productions

Caffeine DreamsFLASHBACK! Tim interviews Dale Wilson of DWAP Productions, an indy publisher in Los Angeles that has published some work by one Mulele Jarvis…

#175 Drawn to the Road: Travel memoir graphic novels

4/13/09 Drawn to the Road: Travel memoir graphic novels

Burma Chronicles/Red Eye Black eyeAfter a long time away, Brandon is back to discuss with Tim the travels of Guy Delisle (“The Burma Chronicles”) and K. Thor Jensen (“Red Eye, Black Eye”).

#014 It’s a Bird, Spider-man Blue, Hulk Gray

3/13/06 It’s a Bird, Spider-man Blue, Hulk Gray

It's a BirdFLASHBACK! Way, way back to the early days of the podcast: three guys sitting in a room, talking comics. Tim, Mulele, and Brandon discuss Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen’s “It’s a Bird”, and Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s “Spider-man Blue” and “Hulk Gray”. (Regarding sound quality: in those days, I purposely downgraded the sound to keep the MP3 file small!)

#174 Peter David

4/6/09 Peter David

Genis VellLongtime comics and Star Trek-novel writer Peter David talks about being a writer, balancing the conflicting expectations of the mainstream comics audience, and why he’s learned to have NO expectations whatsoever of any movie before he actually sees it!

#113 Alex Robinson

2/4/08 Alex Robinson

TrickedFLASHBACK! Re-presenting Tim’s interview with Alex Robinson. He talks about Box Office Poison, Tricked, Lower Regions, and the then-upcoming Too Cool To Be Forgotten, as well as the difficulty of working toward a deadline that’s months away…!