#121 Creative Commons

What is a Creative Commons Copyright, and do you want one for your comic? Tim, Mulele, Patrik W, and Patrick G discuss.

Cory Doctorow

Diesel Sweeties goes Creative Commons

Nine Inch Nails’ CCC album, Ghosts

#120 “Pyongyang”, “New Frontier”, and more

New FrontierTim and Brandon give their thoughts on Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang, DVD movie Justice League: The New Frontier, Spider-Man One More Day, and Writing for Comics with Peter David!

#117 Will readers pay for comics they can get for free?

Perry Bible FellowshipNicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship is one of a number of comics originally available for free on line that people are now paying to read on paper. Does this put the lie to all the hand-wringing about online availability killing music and movies?