#116 “Death by Chocolate: Redux”

His name has been mentioned repeatedly on the podcast since the beginning: Mulele’s friend and collaborator Kumar! He joins Tim to review David Yurkovich’s Death By Chocolate: Redux, and to discuss manga translation.

#115 Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions

Top Shelf ProductionsChris Staros from Top Shelf Productions comes on to tell us how to go about submitting your project to Top Shelf. He also walks us through some of the publisher’s upcoming offerings.

#114 Illustration Friday is just “one more day”

ElbisTim and Mulele discuss comics & the Hollywood writers’ strike, Mulele’s comics career, Illustration Friday, and the Spider-Man “One More Day” event.

Illustration Friday

Why the WGA strike won’t hurt Comic-Con

No Strike Zone: Marvel Studios makes a deal with WGA

#113 Alex Robinson

We haven’t read much of anything in the graphic storytelling format that beats Alex Robinson’s Tricked. He was gracious enough to come on this week’s episode and chat with Tim. Enjoy!

Alex Robinson’s site

Weekly Comics Spotlight